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Health plans

Health plans

Health plans VETERINARY CLINIC VINCA work to keep our pets healthy by preventive medicine, hence that we have the most complete vaccine protocols, the most comprehensive reviews, as well as the most appropriate for each animal worming guidelines either according to their age: puppies, adult or senior, sex, pregnant females, nursing, etc. and depending on the species animals.
Our service is not only preventive medicine there, have other specific health plans where complete checks suited to the needs of our patients are included. And if all this were not enough our team is prepared to advise our patients about the necessary tests and guidelines to follow to keep your healthy and with the best possible quality of life pet.

Health plans


The first visit to Vinca Veterinary clinic is especially important. The puppy is at home and all are questions. In this first contact we will assess the health of your puppy. It is important to ensure their health, proper development of their status as vaccinations and deworming.
Health plans


Veterinary clinic from Vinca, we aware that in the adult animal, we can perform a series of actions of preventive medicine aimed at maintaining health will also help in preventing certain problems when you reach the 3rd age.
Health plans


According to our pets are becoming “major”, as we are suffering “ailments”. Preventive medicine delay its appearance and prevents others arise. These years of his life, should be healthy and happy years. Monitor the proper functioning of the heart, nerve, bone, etc system for proper operation is vital to add happy years to his age.